Magick 101

Master the Hidden Art of Spellworking, Passed Through the Ages in Secret from SpellMaster to Apprentice.  Now, it’s Secrets are Revealed. Learn to Manifest the Impossible in All Areas of your Life​​​​​ including Career, Money, Health and Relationships.

Have you ever wondered … 

     “Is there a Spell for financial freedom?”

     “How about to heal a broken heart?”

     “Stop my enemies from hurting me?”

     “Help me live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life?”

And the answer to all that is….

YES—and SO much more!

In fact, cultures all across time—spanning the entire planet—have used the same core principles of powerful Magick to accomplish all of their goals, blast past all their obstacles, and attain levels of enlightenment and self-knowledge that unleash the TRUE inner powers we’re all capable of.

Hi. I’m Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin.

Top rated anthropologist, Leslie McQuade and I have spent decades studying the magical tactics and techniques of ancient sorcerers and magicians all around the world…and all throughout history.

We studied the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Native Americans, the Taoists and so many more. - And we took everything we’ve discovered and put it into our most comprehensive and powerful course EVER. We call it Spellwork Mastery, because before you finish the course, you will master the art of Spells.

Here’s just a tiny taste of what you’ll learn …

The Shamanic Shapeshifter Method

 Ever wanted the strength of a bull, the grace of a swan, or the wisdom of an owl? With the “Shamanic Shapeshifter Method” you’ll learn in Lesson 3, you’ll be able to take on whatever trait you desire from all your favorite animals! You won’t believe how many superpowers the animal kingdom contains…and they’ll all be right at your fingertips with this incredible module.

The Anti-Poverty Amulet
How to quickly and easily consecrate an “Anti-Poverty Pearl Amulet” that ancient Hindus used to make sure they’d NEVER go hungry. PLUS: How to tweak your new amulet to give you a longer and healthier life, too!
The Egyptian Destruction Spell
Need to crush an enemy who’s in your way? Nobody knew how to do this better than the Ancient Egyptian mages…and in Lesson 9, we’ll not only share a word-for-word “Egyptian Destruction Spell”, but we’ll even show you how to use their secrets to create your own, too! WARNING: Please don’t use this powerful spell for evil purposes—and remember that karma is very real!
The Alexandrian Invisibility Cloak

If you’d prefer not to be noticed so you can work your magic without any trouble, simply cast the “Alexandrian Invisibility Cloak” you’ll learn in Lesson 14 to melt into the background and go about your work completely undisturbed!

The Emergency Fortune-Flipper

 Having a run of bad luck? The “Emergency Fortune-Flipper Technique” you’ll learn in Lesson 18 combines arcane Taoist secrets with modern Chaos Magick to produce a hard-hitting talismanic ritual that’s sure to pull you out of that rut you’re in…and put you on the path to effortless success and happiness instead!

The Paleolithic Power Process

How your ancient ancestors performed powerful magick with nothing more than colored chalk…and how YOU can use the exact same “Paleolithic Power Process” to quickly and easily manifest your deepest desires. Best part is…once you discover this simple and insanely effective system, you won’t need to spend one single penny on robes, wands, or candles everagain!

The Romance Reigniter

Is your relationship fizzling? “Reignite The Romance” with the magickal abilities you’ll learn from the records of Native American tribes all over North America. Do this right, and you’ll feel the sparks flying just like they did in the very beginning…when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other!

The Conjured Companion

The Neolithic “Conjured Companion Technique” you can use to easily create a magickal assistant that works around the clock to amplify your power, super-charge your spells and bring you incredible results…all while you’re going about your day, reading a book, or even taking a nap!

The Instant Bad Habit Eliminater

 How to instantly eliminate bad habits without therapy, changing your diet or a new exercise routine, even if you’ve spent your entire life trying to form new habits with no results at all. Do this right, and you’ll be absolutely astounded at how quickly you can break the chains holding you back from the life you deserve…and finally reach your TRUE potential!

…and that’s just a small taste of what you’ll find in this incredible course built on spells from around the world and every age of human history.

Now you might be thinking about how amazing this sounds, and imagining all the ways your life is going to change for the better once you have the powers of ancient sorcerers at your fingertips.

Once you realize that this is going to finally put YOU in charge of your own life and your own destiny, you might be wondering what it’s gonna cost to put the power of Spellwork Mastery in your hands today.

After all, there are magicians out there who charge thousands and thousands of dollars for information that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Leslie and I have put together for you.

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Poppets Of Power

A simple step-by-step method for constructing your own dolls, poppets and figures imbued with whatever kind of magick you wish! Simply build them correctly and add your magick using the techniques we’ll show you…and you can take your power with you anywhere (instead of only in your ritual space!) Poppets Of Power normally sells for $47 by itself—yours FREE when you order Spellwork Mastery.

Shamanic Journey

A tremendous audio-visual experience that will take you on a spiritual journey across time and space using the techniques of Native American shamans! Simply press “Play” and then let yourself get swept up in the ride to see where this powerful current takes you. Shamanic Journey is a $97 value alone, but again, it’s yours for ZERO extra cost when you order Spellwork Mastery today. 


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Health, love, power, mastery—it can ALL be yours, using the advanced magickal techniques of the world’s most powerful magicians from every era of human history. All their best amulets, talismans, spells and rituals…right at your finger tips, for just $297.

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  Magick 101