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Dear Seeker,

Did you know you Magick and enlightenment go hand in hand? They do.

In fact, the number one reason Magicians fail to manifest their desires is lack of illumination.

Would you like Magick that works every time? Then charge your Aura with Universal Life Force to power your Magick.

My name is David Griffin …

On top of leading the world-wide Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, I’m a successful occultist…with decades of powerful, effective Magical practice under my belt. In just a moment, I’ll share with you some simple practices that will help you quickly and easily tap into the Universal Life Force that exists both within and around you at all times – And how to bring that energy right into your own personal sphere of existence. 

And with all that power in your hands, the question then becomes…

What do you DO with it? Once you can access the unlimited power of the stars, the planets, the elements and more…how do you actually use it to accomplish your goals and attain ultimate knowledge?

Well, the answer to that question is that the Golden Dawn is all about…

And nearly 20 years ago, I did something that shook the world of magic to its very core…I compiled every magical Golden Dawn ritual, spell, and ceremony into what I call…


I wrote it to give Golden Dawn students every possible tool to achieve their goals, discover Truth, and most importantly…

Gain Immense, Powerful Knowledge...
​Of Self And The Universe

In this step-by-step practical magic handbook, you’ll discover…

The Aura Enlightenment Method

Hit the ingition switch of your energy body to quickly and easily tap into the Universal Life Force that exists both within and around you at all times. Fill yourself with vitality, then use this energy to turbocharge your manifestation power.

Enochian Angel Magick

Once you know how to call upon and the ancient and powerful Enochian angels, you’ll be able to easily influence your physical environment…unleash your inner creativity…and become the success you were always meant to be! You’ll also discover…

The Simple Sephiroth System
Solves the riddle of the magical Qabalah—and gives you complete access to the unseen realms of the Universe. With this incredible power at your hands, you’ll be able to awaken your inner divinity…and access the wisdom buried deep within your soul. Then I’ll reveal…
The Defeat-Your-Demons Ritual Roadmap

Learn to identify, examine and ultimately overcome all of the darkness from your past…and once you’ve learned how to get your demons under control, you can say goodbye to all the chaos, the pain, and the torment that has kept you off your path and stopped you from truly reaching your potential. Next you’ll discover…

Total Results Talismans

A simple step-by-step method you can use to construct, design, and operate symbols of incredible power that demand the attention of the hidden forces of the Universe—and FORCE them to do your bidding! Then I’ll unveil…

The Planetary Power Process

Put the powers of each planet instantly at your command. Want a better love life? Invoke the powers of Venus through a simple, straightforward ritual to make the Universe bring you that perfect partner. Need to win a competition? The power of Mars can help you build unconquerable willpower and the strength to prevail. Simply invoke this planetary energy and watch your opponents get crushed by your supernatural abilities. 

And that’s just a tiny taste of what you’ll find in this absolutely massive volume.

Now, you might be thinking about how amazing this sounds and wonder what it costs to get your hands on this profound and incredible book. I’m about to offer you a killer deal in just a moment…

But just to show you how powerful this material really is, once I announced that the book would only be available digitally a few years ago, print versions on Amazon soared to nearly a thousand dollars. In fact, a print copy of the Ritual Magic Manual on Amazon today will still run you nearly $800.


But I’m on a mission to get these powerful tools into the hands of as many people as possible, so you can empower yourself with knowledge, discover the truth of who you REALLY are, and finally live the life you’ve always known—deep down—you were meant to live. 

So as part of this promotion…and because you’ve already taken action to learn these incredible skills…I want to make sure you ride this momentum all the way to your goals. That’s why, if you order the Ritual Magic Manual today, I’m not going to charge $1435.89

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- Lon Milo DuQuette

​(author of Angels, Demons, and Gods of the New Millennium)


“A must for anyone interested in personal and spiritual development!”

- Cris Monnastre
Disciple of the Golden Dawn’s most influential leaders

“A manual for Self-Initiation…
into the magical forces of the Elements, Planets, Zodiac and Sephiroth.
This manual has helped lots of students to charge their energetic bodies.”

-Tomas Stacewitz
​Gothenburg, Sweden
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Grab your digital copy today, and I’ll talk to you soon.

In Abundance, Power, and Truth,

David Griffin

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