Magick 101
Here Is How You Can SUPERCHARGE...

Your Magical Practice

(For Fast Manifestation)

 (And The #1 Mistake That's Held You Back So Far) 


Dear Seeker,

If you’ve ever tried to quickly and easily manifest your desires with magic, then you’ve probably been disappointed with the results.

After all, there are countless books, schools and teachings available—most of which say conflicting, confusing things that make the whole process so much more difficult than it really needs to be.

My name is David Griffin…

And on top of leading the world-wide Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, I’m a successful occultist…with decades of powerful, effective magical practice under my belt.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how simple it really is to manifest your desires with magic, but before I do…let’s talk about the #1 mistake that most people make when they dive into the world of magic (and try to produce results without the proper guidance and training).

And as you continue to read this letter, don’t feel bad if you’ve made this mistake— we’ve ALL been there. Yes, including me!

In fact, these early mistakes of mine were what eventually led me to develop the insanely powerful system I’ll reveal to you soon…so no matter how frustrated you feel right now, I promise there’s hope!

The #1 Results-Killing Magical Mistake

Before I discovered Magick, I lived my life the same way that most people do…

Like a leaf in the wind.

I’d be blown this way and that, going from one thing to another, not controlling my own destiny at all…

And since I had no idea how to control the direction of my own life, I kept running into the same old roadblocks over and over again.

The same failed relationships…

The same struggles and frustrations with money…with my career…and with that deep, nagging sense of unfulfilled potential that kept me up at night knowing I was meant for more—but with no clue what to DO about it.

Instead, I did what most people do…

I wished, hoped, and yearned that things would just-so-happen to “work out” in my favor. I was raised in a religious household, and so I was also taught that I could get anything I wanted by praying hard enough.

So that’s EXACTLY what I tried…

And while it definitely made me feel better, at the end of the day…prayer didn't always work.

Magick worked better than prayer, but even with Magick - I didn't always get the results I hoped for.

It felt like there was something missing, something I just “wasn’t getting” about how to get what I truly wanted in life…and worse of all, I had no idea how to change it.

I was on the verge of just giving up when a truly astonishing experience revealed my major mistake—and turned everything I knew completely upside-down—when a mysterious group called the Secret Chiefs decided to reveal the full scope of Golden Dawn Magick to me personally.

How The Magick of the Secret Chiefs

Changed My Life FOREVER…


When these hidden Masters reached out to me—I was incredibly skeptical that they were who they said they were. They obliterated my doubts though by opening my eyes to what’s possible at the most ascendant levels of magic and spirituality.

Don't think that Secret Chiefs trusted me right away either. Only Master R. gave me a chance, once I confessed how my Magick wasn't working. He decided to teach me why I was still lost after all that time searching for answers. 

He sat me down and said to me…

"David, it’s great that you’re using your Magick skills and designing a better life for yourself, But the reason it isn’t working is….

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going…

How Could You Possibly Get There?"

I know it sounds pretty simple…

But at the time, it was incredibly profound to me. Master R. explained to me that the #1 mistake most people make in life…is not defining exactly what outcome they want.

They told me that most people just want a vague “better life” for themselves, but without really figuring out EXACTLY what the looks like.

And after all…if you don’t know your destination, there’s really no way of telling whether you’re getting closer to it or farther away!

After he performed the Destiny Divination Process I’ll tell you more about in just a second, he showed me a simple, straightforward process to bring my vision to life— right before my eyes!

Needless to say, my mind was BLOWN…and my life was never the same again.

Suddenly…It All *Clicked*

Fast forward to my life right now, and I feel like a completely different person.

I wake up every morning, look at my beautiful wife and perfect home, and can’t help but count my blessings.

This is the kind of life I could never have even imagined for myself back when I was lost and struggling…

But when I put what my Master taught me into practice, it all came together and I FINALLY feel like I’m living out my purpose, fulfilling my potential and living the life I was BORN to live!

Once I started to get incredible results for myself, I KNEW I had to share this gift with the world. 

After all, I knew that lots of people were suffering from the same lack of control that I used to struggle with as well…

And now, I had the tools to help people around the planet to take control of your destiny, design the life you REALLY want to live, and then actually make it happen.

I started teaching this process to others, blending in some of the powerful magic techniques I’ve learned and developed over the years, and was overjoyed when THEY got amazing results as well.

Look, I know that esoteric orders are not exactly everyone’s cup of tea…but since what I learned from the Secret Chiefs helped me transform my life overnight, I’ve put everything I’ve learned into a simple and powerfully effective private training system for you.

And that’s why I’d like to present to you a life-changing opportunity to register for my exclusive training package…

The Guidance And Spells Private Training

Here’s just a tiny taste of what you’ll find in this powerful and transformative process…

The Destiny Divination
(a $97 value)

In all our years of working with students, one thing my wife and I have seen over and over is that people tend to struggle with identifying 
​precisely what they want—and more importantly, whether what they think they want is actually what will bring them the fulfillment, joy, love and abundance they’re seeking to begin with.

With our Destiny Divination Process, we’re going to delve deep into the inner workings of your mind and heart…discover what truly motivates, drives and empowers you…and use our abilities to take a peek into your future!

Doing this shows us whether the path you’re on will truly lead you to what you seek…or down an unexpected road that leads nowhere at all.

Once we have a crystal-clear picture of your own personal path of empowerment, it’ll be easy, simple, straightforward and FUN to create a roadmap to your ultimate destiny!

This incredible process will clear out all the confusion and cobwebs that have held you back from reaching your goal in the past…and show you exactly how to get where you’ve always wanted to go! After that, we’ll dive into…

The Time Tested Tarot Method
(a $97 value)

My wife and I have extensive background in magic and Tarot systems that span centuries of development and from all systems across the world.

We’ve found that, when done by experts, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to hone in on the exact “sticking points” blocking you from reaching your goals—as well as highlighting potential futures depending on which road you take.

This way, you’ll know where your current efforts will lead…as well as the tools you can use to change direction if that’s what you need before you hit a disaster! Next, we’ll reveal…

The Sacred Sustenance System
(a $97 value)

If you ever feel drained or low on energy, you’ll absolutely love these fast, easy ways to draw natural energy from your surroundings—no matter where you are, or how tired you feel!

Simply use the Sacred Sustenance Techniques to tap into the vast energy of the Universe around you whether you’re at home, at work, in the car or out for a walk…and charge your own aura with pure, clean energy that’s sure to keep you driven and excited about life throughout the day! After that, you'll discover ...

The Aura Reading Assessment
​(a $97 value)

Often times, the physical problems and struggles we run into are the result of metaphysical “snags” that we can’t perceive with the naked eye. Problem is, we wind up taking medicine and going to doctors who try to solve problems…when they don’t even the know the REAL cause!

With our Aura-Reading Assessment process, we’ll use our special skills to diagnose your Aura (your energy body) to identify when and where different problems you’re facing have their origins. That way, we can know precisely where to work to treat those issues at the root, rather than just providing symptomatic treatment (which tends to cause other, secondary issues anyway!) Next, you’ll get your hands on…

The Surgical Spellcasting System (a $97 value)

This is REALLY where the rubber hits the road…

Once we’ve tuned your intentions to your exact desires, we’re going to design a specific, individual ritual for you that will take the power of your own mind, your own heart, and your own deepest wishes to create the perfect spell for YOU.

My wife and I aren’t armchair magicians—or hotline psychics. We’re not going to just read a spell or two from an ancient dusty tome we found on the internet and pass it off as real, effective, powerful magic.

Instead, we’ll use our decades of successful magical experience to weave an incredible, hard-hitting Spell, custom tailored for you.

We strongly believe that the most powerful magic comes from within…and once we work with you to manifest your wishes…to effortlessly attract incredible wealth, powerful self-esteem, passionate love and connection, the perfect job, or whatever else your heart desires…the results will simply astound you!

And that’s just a taste of what you’ll discover during our call. It’s already been changing lives…but don’t just take my word for it! Have a look for yourself:

What our private students are saying ...

"My business was failing. Golden Dawn Tarot
​revealed the development in astonishing detail.
​I made a few simple changes and saved my business.”

- Marty K. - Chico, CA

"After only one session, I used a spell
​to attract a specific kind of man.. Found him! 
We’re a good fit in everything (but basebal!).”

- Susanne M - Taos, NM

"My Magick wasn’t working. Now its like lightning.”

Ralph M. Austin, TX

"My temper cost me job after job.
​David and Leslie’s anger control spell works like a charm though.”

- Beate B. - Berlin, Germany


Now, you might be thinking about how amazing this all sounds, and wondering what it’s going to cost you.

After all, is there anything more PRICELESS than all the right tools to achieve everything you want in life?

Look…we know that money can be hard to come by these days, and that not many people can afford super-expensive training.

At first, we charged $497 for this life-changing process. In fact, we STILL think that price is more than fair…

But we also know that we’ll be able to help even more people if this training is more affordable…and so right now, we’re doing a marketing test to see if people even believe you can get results like this without breaking the bank!

If it turns out people want to pay more for these results, then we’ll have to raise the price back up to $497…but if this letter is still up, then it means we’re still doing the test and you upgrade to get your hands on this incredible, life-changing private training session…

For a simple one-time payment of just $197​Or you can save an extra $147 by upgrading to a full 3 session - VIP complete private training package for just $444 (normally $591)!

​And all you’ve got to do is Click the button below to reserve your spot in this INCREDIBLE training today

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We’ve seen robes, crystals and wands that cost THREE TO FIVE TIMES the price of this training all by themselves!

Heck, you could easily shell out tens of thousands of dollars on books, tools, implements and more…without getting anywhere CLOSE to the results you’ll get after your session with us.

In fact, we’d be perfectly justified in charging more than least twice this much for this life-changing service. And we have in the past…

But we really DO want to help as many people as possible, and we know that times can be tough in today’s world. That’s why—for now—we’ve lowered the price down to just one easy payment of $197 for a LIFETIME of amazing results.

And all you’ve got to do to get your hands on the highest-tier magical instruction available, is click on the button below to reserve your spot TODAY!

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OK…if you’re still reading this letter, then it means you at least feel curious about the kind of results you’ll get when you register for our Guidance And Spells Private Training.

So to help make this decision even easier for you, please realize that at this point, you’ve really only got 3 options…

Option 1: Do Nothing.

Your first option is to continue to go through life wondering why you don’t have the abundance, success, love, joy and fulfillment that you know…deep down in your core…you truly DO deserve.

We can’t stop you from working hard just to feel like you’re spinning your wheels…to hope, pray, wish and dream about all the things you want magically falling into your lap…to watch weeks, months, or even YEARS of your life pass before your eyes while others get better results than you (and without working NEARLY as hard!)

We don’t think it’s a great idea—especially not when so many other people are using our Guidance And Spells Private Training to quickly and easily manifest their desires and perfect lives—but if that’s REALLY the choice you want to make…we can’t stop you.

However, that’s far from your only option. You could also go with…

Option 2: Figure This All Out Yourself.

If you really want, you could do what MOST magicians and manifestors do…spend hundreds (or even THOUSANDS) of dollars on fancy crystals, wands, altars, ritual cloths, talismans, amulets, and other magical items without really understanding how they work…what they’re for…or whether you’ve chosen the exact right ones for you to use to manifest your every deepest wish and desire.

People who go that route are the stubborn type that like to “figure it all out themselves,” the type who like to buy furniture unassembled and then put it all together…without even reading the instructions!

If you’ve ever tried to do something like that, you already know the result—you end up with wonky, broken furniture that might not even work!

The whole project ends up being a huge waste of time and money…

All of which could have been saved had you just read the proper instructions and followed the directions of experts in the field instead. That’s why we HIGHLY recommend that you go with…

Option 3: Reserve Your Spot In Our ‘Guidance And Spells Private Training’ NOW

Let US do all the hard work for you. We’ll show you precisely whether you’re on the right track, veering off in the completely wrong direction, about to accidentally manifest something you don’t want, and a WHOLE LOT MORE.

Remember, we’ve been doing this for decades, and lead more magical organizations than we can even publicly declare.

We’re recognized around the world for our ability to guide, direct, and help people just like you….people with deep desires who want results NOW….people sick and tired of trying all the things that society TOLD them with work…while just leaving you frustrated, confused, and no closer to your goal than you were when you started.

And remember, we’re not JUST going to help you design the PERFECT rituals and workings for YOU and your specific, individual needs…

We’re also going to show you EXACTLY what process to use so that, after our session together, you’ll be able to do this by yourself, for the rest of your life!

We’ll give you a fish to get you started….but we’re also going to teach you to fish, so you can explode your results in life—whenever you want—and know exactly what you’re doing.

In no time at all, we’ll rocket your results from newbie to expert…and your life will NEVER be the same again!

It’s a one-time cost that pays a LIFETIME of benefits…

And all you have to do is simply click the button below, reserve your spot in our“Guidance And Spell Private Training,” and finally take your life to the levelyou’ve always dreamed about…TODAY!

Reserve Now!

Thanks for reading this letter and we can’t WAIT to hear from you…so reserve your spot today and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

In Abundance, Power, And Truth,

David Griffin

Need a change in your life NOW?
Let Golden Dawn Chiefs, David Griffin and Leslie McQuade help you get to the bottom of your problem, then show you how use focused Magick to overcome any obstacle. Together, gifted psychic Leslie McQuade and Golden Dawn Magus, David Griffin, have practiced and taught Magick and Spellwork for a combined 72 years.